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Flooring Bath

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Flooring Bath

Widely considered by customers throughout the Greater Cleveland Metropolitan Area to be a leader in luxury hardwood flooring, MDG Flooring America delivers the most affordable and resilient wood flooring to homeowners and business owners alike. Even though MDG’s hardwood flooring gives the appearance of being expensive wood flooring, it actually is much more affordably priced. It is no wonder that MDG is celebrated for offering customers a vast array of flooring choices that are suitable for all budgets and lifestyles. When our neighbors from Bath are looking for the highest quality and the best wood flooring bargains, they head straight to MDG Flooring America!

Hardwood Flooring Bath

Bath is located in Summit County, Ohio and has about 20,000 residents. MDG Flooring America is less than 14 miles northeast of Bath at 3812 Pearl Road, Suite C in Medina. The company was founded in 2001 by Michael D. Green. In 2016, MDG Flooring America changed hands, and Steven Walbot, Michael’s nephew, became president, and Don Green, Michael’s son, became vice-president. Although the control of MDG Flooring changed, its values did not, and never will. We remain committed to serving our customers with the respect and dignity we always have. We will continue to provide the best vinyl, wood, and hardwood flooring around.

Wood Flooring Bath

Besides delivering the most exquisite wood flooring, MDG Flooring is also recognized for offering the most competitive prices. We aim to not only meet our Bath customers’ expectations, but to consistently exceed them. To schedule an appointment with MDG Flooring America, call us at 234-802-0001, today. Our business hours are: 10 AM–6 PM, Monday–Thursday, 10 AM–5 PM, Friday, and 9 AM–4 PM, Saturday. MDG is closed on Sunday. When you call, be sure you ask our representative about our exclusive warranties:

  • Confidence Plus Warranty

  • Lifetime Installation Guarantee

  • Locally Owned Advantage

  • Price Protection Guarantee

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