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Close up picture of a 2020 themed flooring design that utilizes a natural look and herringbone style design.

Popular Interior Flooring Trends For 2020

Feb 24, 2020

A new year is here. Is your home up to date for the decade? If the answer is no, don’t worry: we’re here to help, and your floors are the perfect place to start! Follow along as we explore some of the most popular trends in flooring for 2020, this year’s hottest colors, materials, patterns, and more. Stay current and impress your guests with these stylish flooring ideas for every room in your home or apartment.

Interior Flooring Trends for 2020

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) & Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) Flooring Trends Rise in 2020

You’re already familiar with traditional flooring materials like hardwood and wall-to-wall carpeting. Now, get ready to meet two of the newest (and most popular) products to hit the consumer market: luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and luxury vinyl plank (LVP). These durable, cutting-edge products are waterproof, easy-to-clean, and scratch-resistant, which makes them ideal for: 

  • Busy professionals who don’t have time for heavy-duty maintenance
  • Families with pets or young children
  • Use in damp environments like bathrooms
  • Use in areas with heavy foot-traffic 

With so many versatile uses and features, it’s no wonder LVT and LVP flooring brands are both smash design hits for 2020.

A picture highlighting a 2020 themed luxury vinyl tile flooring design that incorporates a dark wood look.

Engineered vs. Hardwood Flooring in 2020

Hardwood floors, or engineered wood? That question is shaping up to be one of the biggest design battles of 2020. Fortunately, both sides are so stylish there’s really no way to lose. The question is, which product is right for your home? 

Sustainably harvested hardwood floors are gorgeous, eco-friendly, and in perpetual demand; but some varieties can be costly. Engineered wood is a cost-conscious alternative, ideal for budget makeovers! Read more about the uses and benefits of engineered flooring, or just ask one of our team members.

A modern living room with a 2020 theme that incorporates a brown leather couch and a white chair on engineered wood floors.

2020 Flooring Trends For Colors, Stains, Shades & Tones

Contemporary flooring is available in virtually any color you can imagine, from understated earth tones to bright and funky electric hues. The real challenge isn’t finding a color — it’s picking out your favorite! 

Having trouble whittling down your top few choices? Here are some 2020 flooring color trends that might help you make a decision: 

  • Grey shades
  • Light, blonde stains and tones
  • Warm, honey-toned shades
  • White and off-white shades

A 2020 themed kitchen with off white cabinets, grey countertops, and backsplash subway tile on trending luxury vinyl floors.

Grain Pattern Trends for Floors

“Grain pattern” refers to the random assortment of lines, knots, streaks, and whorls that appear in wood planks. Grain patterns are just as important as the colors and materials you choose, since different patterns can radically alter the appearance and visual “texture” of the wood. 

Of course, grain patterns aren’t only found in natural products. They can also be designed, giving engineered floors an earthy, hand-crafted look that’s virtually impossible to distinguish from the real thing. 

Whether you choose hardwood or engineered wood, here are some popular wood grain patterns trending this year: 

  • Distressed patterns, which are meant to look rough and rustic
  • Handscraped patterns, which offer a high level of craftsmanship and variation between planks
  • Wire brushed patterns, which are slightly smoother and less irregular than the other two options

Trending 2020 themed luxury vinyl plank flooring that incorporates distressed patterns for a rough and rustic look.

Installation Pattern Trends for Your Floors

Not to be confused with grain pattern (which refers to the markings on each plank or board), “installation pattern” describes the physical arrangement of tiles or planks. For example, tiles or planks can be arranged in a square grid, or, for a bolder and more modern look, a zig-zagging chevron pattern. 

One of the hottest installation patterns for 2020 is herringbone, which simulates a woven or braided look by adjoining a series of planks at 90-degree angles. If you like the look of wicker furniture, handwoven baskets, or handmade quilts, herringbone will be perfect for you.

Close up picture highlighting the trending 2020 themed herringbone flooring installation pattern.

Shake off the old year and ring in the new year with a fresh, revitalized look for your flooring. From the bathroom to the bedroom to the kitchen and beyond, Flooring America offers it all, from hot new innovations to classic, timeless best-sellers. 

Find the perfect floors for your home with My Design Finder, or simply ask one of our friendly, knowledgeable team members for a recommendation. We’re on a mission to transform your house into your home, for 2020 and beyond. Contact us online today, or visit one of our retail locations to browse thousands of products in person.

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A 2020 themed kitchen with a large with island, stainless steel appliances, and overhead hanging pendant lights.

Kitchen Remodel & Design Trends For 2020

Feb 17, 2020

For most Americans, food plays a huge role in our new year’s resolutions. Whether your goal is to get fit, sharpen your chef skills, or simply make family dinners a bigger part of your weeknight routine, you need a kitchen that excites and invites you — not just in January, but all year long. Reach your goals, wow your guests, and make your kitchen a space you love with these hot kitchen trends for 2020, from designs for your countertops to the hottest “must-haves” in home appliances.

Kitchen Design Trends to Inspire Your 2020 Remodel

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas for 2020

When it comes to 2020 kitchen designs, incorporating backsplash is essential. But what is backsplash tile, and what styles are available? 

The word “backsplash” traditionally describes the space between the countertops and the bottoms of your cabinets. While its original purpose was simply to guard against splatters from cooking or washing the dishes, modern backsplash also has an aesthetic purpose, letting you showcase your personal style through all types of colors, designs, and patterns. 

When used creatively, backsplash does for your kitchen what a statement wall does for your bedroom or living room. So what are some of the biggest kitchen backsplash trends dominating 2020? Forecasts include: 

  • Bold, mosaic-like patterns, such as tiles in alternating colors or textures
  • Dark colors (which are also useful for making small kitchens look bigger)
  • Ceramic and porcelain tiles 

Explore our blog for more backsplash tile ideas, or contact us to start chatting with one of our helpful team members.

Trending 2020 themed kitchen with dark wood cabinets, white countertops, and grey-green backsplash.

Trending Kitchen Countertops in 2020

Countertops are more than just surface area for cooking; they can also complement your backsplash, walls, floors, and cabinetry. Continuing the all-white kitchen trend that’s burst onto the design scene in recent years, light-colored countertops are expected to be hot in 2020, especially varieties like marble and quartz. 

Not only do these products look sophisticated — they’re also ideally suited for kitchen use. Materials like stone and marble stay cool, resist moisture and resist physical wear-and-tear, making them both elegant and functional. 

2020 themed kitchen that incorporates a white design style with white marble countertops, white cabinets, and tile floors.

2020 Color Trends for Your Kitchen Cabinets

Spa-like, minimalist white? Striking, sophisticated black? A funky patterned wallpaper that’s energizing and bright, or a solid pastel color that’s soothing and serene? 

There are truly limitless options when creating a palette for your kitchen, depending on your personal style preferences, pre-existing color schemes, and the mood or tone you’d like to set for the space. To help you narrow down your style choices, here are some hot and emerging cabinet and kitchen color trends for 2020: 

  • Bright, lemony yellows
  • Turquoise and similar aqua blue shades
  • Various shades of green, including hunter green and avocado green

Modern 2020 themed kitchen that incorporates contrast between the turquoise green walls, white cabinets, and wood floor look.

2020 Appliance Trends for Your Kitchen

Appliances make your chores faster and more efficient. They can also make your kitchen more beautiful, simplifying your life while bringing your style up-to-date. 

Realtors, retailers, and researchers anticipate an upsurge in demand for environmentally-friendly appliances, which have gained popularity over the past decade. Other hot products to watch next year include mini dishwasher-sink combos, self-drying dishwashers, and appliances that connect with increasingly sophisticated “smart” devices (such as Google Home or the Amazon Echo). 

You should also be on the lookout for stainless steel appliances or brightly colored appliances, which are expected to be major trends next year.

Modern 2020 themed kitchen that incorporates stainless steel appliances and contrasting white and espresso stained cabinets.

Kitchen Flooring Ideas Trending in 2020

Since they’re used for cooking and baking, kitchens are prone to spills and accidents. Kitchens also tend to receive heavy foot-traffic, especially if they double as dining rooms. 

You need a kitchen floor that will stand up to these challenges, but you also want something that looks and feels great. Fortunately for homeowners, most of the upcoming trends in flooring offer the best of both worlds. Consider one of these beautiful yet durable kitchen flooring ideas for 2020: 

  • Longer, wider planks are becoming “the norm” for both hardwood and engineered wood products
  • Light colors are also growing in popularity, like shades of blonde or honey (instead of mahogany or Brazilian cherry)
  • Herringbone (i.e. woven) floor patterns are a major design trend to watch
  • Waterproof flooring, like luxury vinyl, is an anticipated best-seller

A 2020 themed kitchen with off white cabinets, grey countertops, and backsplash subway tile on trending luxury vinyl floors.

Use My Design Finder to Explore Trendy Kitchen Remodel Ideas for 2020

Whether you’re shopping for kitchen appliances, lighting, countertops, flooring, backsplash tile, or other products, you’ll find everything you’re looking for at Flooring America. We carry and install thousands of top-rated products for your kitchen, including premium luxury flooring, eco-friendly flooring, waterproof hardwood flooring, and pet-friendly flooring. 

Explore our kitchen products online, tour hundreds of unique virtual kitchens using My Design Finder, or visit one of our 500+ convenient locations in person. If you’re ready for a kitchen makeover, we’re ready to bring your plans to life.

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Modern 2020 bathroom with white washbasin sink on a free-standing cabinet, silver fixtures, and hexagon-shaped floor tiles.

Home Decor Ideas & Trends For 2020

Feb 12, 2020

With a new year comes a new you, and doesn’t the new you deserve a new space, too? Kick-off 2020 in style with a trendy, updated look for your home or apartment! To help you get inspired, we’ve put together a collection of fun and fresh home decor ideas for 2020. From the bathroom to the bedroom and beyond, these 2020 decorating trends will help you create a beautiful home to enjoy throughout the year.

Home Decor Style Ideas to Keep Your House Trending in 2020

How to Spot Home Decor Trends in 2020

Ready for an inspired new look, but not sure how to pick something trendy? Don’t worry: there are plenty of great resources to help you stay current, making it easy to spot the hottest home decor trends for 2020. Some great examples to help you get started include: 

  • Interior design magazines
  • Home makeover TV shows
  • Interviews with style experts
  • Professional design blogs 

You can also watch trends develop in real-time by browsing hashtags or communities on social media, like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, which make it effortless to follow the hottest fashions. While it takes a little more “detective work,” you can even spot trends by browsing websites or discussion groups for industry professionals, such as realtors and interior decorators. 

Now that you know how to spot design trends, let’s take a closer look at some of the trendiest movements in home decor for 2020, one room at a time. 

2020 Decorating Ideas for Your Living Room

According to realtors, homeowners are moving away from formal, polished living rooms and toward designs that are cozier, comfier, and more inviting. Here are some easy ways to make your living room look trendier and feel more relaxing: 

  • Use soothing, serene color schemes, such as shades of green and blue.
  • Use texture in your home decor to make your living room softer and more inviting. For example, add faux fur pillows or plush, high-pile carpet, such as shag carpeting.
  • Decorate with natural elements, such as shells, wood, or stone. For example, hardwood floors bring an elegant touch of nature into your living room.

Modern 2020 living room designed with natural elements including a fireplace utilizing slate stone and wood planks.

Kitchen Decor Trends for 2020

They call it the “heart of the home” for good reason! Full of warmth (and scrumptious smells), your kitchen is the perfect gathering place to spend time with friends and family. Dazzle your guests and showcase the space by incorporating these trendy kitchen decor ideas for 2020: 

  • Have a professional help you install a kitchen island, which is just as practical as is trendy!
  • Design experts forecasted that warm, rustic tiles, such as terracotta, are trending. The more “hand-made” it looks, the better.

Modern 2020 kitchen featuring a large white freestanding island and stovetop with a large induction hood.

Bedroom Decor Ideas for 2020

Your bedroom is a retreat, your own private getaway from life’s pressures and stresses. Shouldn’t it be a space that you want to escape to? Give your bedroom a trendy transformation by putting these 2020 style forecasts into action: 

  • Minimalism is hot — but getting it “right” is all about knowing when to add personal touches! Style experts recommend balancing clean, minimalist lines with whimsical, personal statement pieces, such as large artworks, patterned accent walls, or vibrantly colored pillows. 
  • Neutral colors are another major bedroom style trend for 2020. More and more homeowners are choosing to decorate their bedrooms using hues of charcoal, eggshell, khaki, clay, espresso, and slate, which are unobtrusive and easy to blend with other colors.

Modern 2020 bedroom designed with a minimalism technique and neutral colors to include a slate grey wall and beige carpet.

Bathroom Decor Trends for 2020

A bathroom is more than just a practical necessity — it’s a space to refresh, revitalize, and rejuvenate. Elevate your bathroom to spa-like levels of luxury with these simple yet elegant bathroom decor ideas for 2020: 

  • Design experts are forecasting that high-contrast themes, like white contrasted with black or espresso, will be trendy in 2020. With help from the right lighting, a splashy, confident color scheme can even help to make tight bathrooms feel bigger.
  • Sophisticated yet surprisingly durable, marble never goes out of style, appearing on “hottest looks” lists year after year. Seize the trend by installing marble flooring, or using marble slab for your shower. Since marble is water-resistant, it’s a natural choice for many bathroom setups.

Modern 2020 bathroom designed with a high-contrast theme utilizing dark painted walls and cabinets, on white tile floors.

Find Trendy Home Decorating Styles for 2020

With My Design Finder, a world of exciting style trends is literally at your fingertips. Simply select your preferences to browse thousands of on-trend examples and get inspiration for 2020. Then, talk with one of our friendly and knowledgeable flooring experts about how we can help. Contact us online today, or visit one of our 500+ convenient retail locations.  

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Modern home bathroom with large white soaking tub, a white washbowl sink on a grey countertop, and tiled floor and walls.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas & Trends For 2020

Feb 03, 2020

Say goodbye to boring bathrooms in 2020! The New Year has brought new styles with it, so we’ve put together some helpful design tips to help keep your home up to date. Follow along and find your remodeling inspiration as we explore some of the hottest 2020 bathroom trends that are coming our way this year, from flooring and fixtures to sinks, cabinets, colors, and more.

Bathroom Design Trends to Inspire Your 2020 Remodel

2020 Color Trends for Your Bathroom and its Cabinets

Color is one of the first details you notice when you enter a room. Since the bathroom is intended to be a space for relaxing and rejuvenating, it’s important to choose a color palette that will set a calming mood. 

According to design experts, trending bathroom paint colors for 2020 include pastel yellows, golden shades of champagne, and rich orange hues like clay and pumpkin. Incorporating these or other warm colors into your walls, cabinets, or decor will make your bathroom look more modern and feel more inviting, especially on those chilly winter nights!

Bathroom with walls painted in trending 2020 paint color, a large white soaking tub, and white cabinets on tile floors.

: Shower Ideas: What Tiles & Designs Are Trending in 2020?

Some design elements, like pieces of artwork or sheets of wallpaper, give you opportunities to experiment with bold and “crazy” decor. But when it comes to shower tile ideas for 2020, design experts recommend sticking to basics, trading extravagant patterns and colors for subtle, stately classics. Neutral colors are on-trend, which means you should look for shower tiles in colors like grey, white, tan, or black. 

For a more modern and contemporary look, consider shower tiles that have a matte (non-reflective) finish, instead of the traditional glossy finish. A matte finish can also be a stylish choice for your bathroom cabinets — not just your shower tiles. 

For homeowners who have adequate space, “open shower” and “open bathroom” concepts have become increasingly popular as shower designs for 2020. These unique layouts do away with added doors and walls, creating a more spacious and airy feeling. However, before constructing this type of bathroom in your home, it’s important to plan for drainage and ventilation issues to avoid the accumulation of mold, moisture, or slime.

Modern bathroom designed with an open concept, a Jacuzzi tub and neutral color tiles with a matte finish.

Bathroom Sink & Fixture Trends for 2020

Most of us think of sinks and fixtures as boring, practical features — but that’s only half the story. These “bland” basics also double as unsung design heroes, with tons of style potential just waiting to be released! By putting care into these minor details, you can give your bathroom a major upgrade. Here are some of the biggest bathroom sink trends for 2020 that style and design experts are forecasting: 

  • Natural materials, like stone and marble
  • Standalone designs, which can be positioned in corners to save space, or placed in the center of the room as a dramatic focal point
  • Use of terrazzo, which features a mix of flecks of stone, glass, and other materials beneath a smooth, glazed finish

Close up image of a trending 2020 bathroom sink with a tile backsplash, bronze fixtures, and a mirror.

2020 Bathroom Floor Trends

Bathroom conditions can be tough on your flooring. Between the steamy showers, the damp footprints, the dripping towels, and the splashing tubs, bathroom floors face a lot of moisture — and most of them aren’t up to the challenge. 

Stay on-trend and avoid unnecessary home repairs by choosing a waterproof material that’s as stylish as it is durable. Terrazzo is a clear winner in both categories, but might also have the potential to become costly. Another option is luxury vinyl tile (LVT), one of the most attractive yet most affordable bathroom floor trends of 2020. Look for products like Downs® H20, which offer waterproof protection and are available in a wide variety of custom styles, patterns, and colors.

Close up image of a trending 2020 floors utilizing luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) and a large white soaking tub.

Get More Trendy Bathroom Remodel Ideas for 2020

Hopefully, these bathroom design trends for 2020 have helped give you a clearer idea of how to start your remodeling project. For even more decorating ideas, explore My Design Finder, where you can tour thousands of unique virtual bathrooms in styles that range from coastal to classic to contemporary and beyond.

No matter what your style is, we’ve got the bathroom flooring you’re looking for. We can help you compare and install thousands of top-rated products, including eco-friendly, waterproof, and luxury bathroom flooring options. Contact us online to learn more, or visit one of our 500+ convenient retail locations across the United States.

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Interior Paint Colors of the Year For 2020

Jan 28, 2020

Back in March, our design blog covered the Color of the Year for 2019. With a new decade around the corner, we’re back with an update for 2020! Move over, Living Coral: there’s a new kid (or new color) on the block, with dozens of uses for any room in the home. Follow along as we reveal the Benjamin Moore Color of the Year for 2020, explore other trending paint colors to incorporate into your home, and offer some tips on decorating with color successfully.  

The Interior Paint Color of the Year for 2020

Trending Popular Interior Paint Colors for 2020

Benjamin Moore is one of the country’s largest and oldest paint companies, selling paints, stains, and related products since the 1880s. When it comes to the art and science of color, these are the experts you want to talk to! 

That’s why we wanted to find out which of its 3,500 paint colors the company would feature in 2020. We know you’re just as curious, so let’s get to the big reveal. 

Drumroll, please! According to the company’s official website, the Benjamin Moore 2020 Color of the Year is “First Light,” a gentle baby pink evoking the earliest hints of sunrise. Here’s how its creators describe it: 

“A fresh palette. A revitalized spirit. A soft, rosy hue blooming with potential. Benjamin Moore's Color of the Year 2020, First Light 2102-70, is the backdrop for a bright new decade.” 

If baby pink isn’t “your thing,” don’t worry — Benjamin Moore has already curated a stylish, easy-to-use palette for you. First Light is part of a 10-shade color scheme, the Color Trends 2020 Palette, which features shades of grey, taupe, and blue. These 2020 interior color trends include:  

  • Blue Danube (2062-30)
  • Buxton Blue (HC-149)
  • Crystalline (AF-485)
  • Cushing Green (HC-125)
  • Golden Straw (2152-50)
  • Oxford Gray (2128-40)
  • Thunder (AF-685)
  • White Heron (OC-57)
  • Windmill Wings (2067-60) 

These are expected to be some of the hottest and most popular interior paint colors of 2020. Now, let’s explore some tips for incorporating them into your home!

Living room utilizing a 2020 neutral color theme that incorporates off-white painted walls with a white couch and chairs.

Kitchen Color Trends for 2020

All-black and all-white kitchens are both expected to be popular color schemes in 2020. However, not all homeowners want such a dramatic look. For an option that’s more relaxed, yet still offers a touch of modernity and sophistication, you might prefer to decorate with one or all of the following, which are forecasted to be popular kitchen colors for 2020: 

  • Aquatic shades of blue, such as turquoise and seafoam
  • Dark and medium greens, such as hunter green (which is similar to Cushing Green above)
  • Sunny, cheerful yellow hues

A modern high contrast living room utilizing a 2020 aquatic blue color themed cabinets, silver fixtures, and white chairs.

2020 Paint Colors for Bathrooms

Cool colors include blues, greens, and purples, while warm colors include yellows, oranges, and reds. Warm colors are expected to dominate the bathroom of 2020 (along with design trends like open showers, neutral tiles, and terrazzo flooring). According to interior design experts, some of the most popular bathroom colors for 2020 will include champagne, soft yellow, and pumpkin. Similar options include terracotta, clay, gold, and straw, like Benjamin Moore’s Golden Straw paint color.

A modern 2020 themed bathroom with an open shower design, large white washbasins, and a neutral stone tile look.

2020 Popular Paint Colors for the Bedroom

Your bedroom should be a serene and tranquil refuge, like a home within the home. (If it doesn’t feel that way, check out our advice on making your bedroom into a private retreat.) 

Creating the right feeling starts with the right color — something that will help you relax, unwind, and get a good night’s sleep. Here are some trendy options to consider when you’re choosing bedroom paint colors for 2020: 

  • Dark, stormy blues (like Blue Danube or Buxton Blue)
  • Shades of grey (like Thunder or Oxford Gray)
  • Soft, pastel blues (like Windmill Wings)

A modern bedroom utilizing 2020 themed colors to include stormy blue walls, grey planters, and a natural wood headboard.

Explore 2020 Paint Color Trends for Every Room in Your Home

Whether you’re updating your kitchen, your bathroom, your bedroom, or any other space in your home, get friendly design expertise and professional flooring installation from the team at Flooring America. We can help you compare thousands of products in a huge assortment of colors and patterns, making a trendy remodel effortless. Tour inspiring homes online with My Design Finder, contact us to chat with a team member, or visit one of our convenient retail locations today.

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Bedroom with two pendulum lights over and a bed covered in sheets inspired by the Memphis design movement.

Memphis Interior Design Ideas & Inspiration

Jan 14, 2020

No, not Memphis, Tennessee. The Memphis design movement will be instantly familiar to anyone who was born during the 1980s or 1990s — and instantly memorable wherever it’s used! Chances are, if you remember the opening credits of TV sitcom Saved By the Bell, you’ll immediately get a striking example of Memphis design. Bright, geometric, and heavily stylized, the Memphis interior design style might not be to everyone’s taste; but for fans, this iconic movement is a timeless source of inspiration. 

That’s great news for people who love the style since the Memphis design trend is one of the hottest looks in home interiors right now. Keep reading to learn about the characteristics of Memphis design, and get some ideas for incorporating it into your home or apartment.

Memphis Interior Design Ideas & Inspiration

What Are the Features of Memphis Design?

While art and design styles tend to overlap, there’s no mistaking the Memphis look for anything else! Memphis design characteristics are unique and impossible to confuse with other interior design styles (which definitely makes shopping easy). But what, exactly, is Memphis design? Here are a few key elements to look for: 

  • Mixed Patterns — Memphis design is heavy on patterns, which usually mix geometric shapes (such as grids, triangles, or squares) with whimsical organic forms (like squiggles or spirals). Memphis design patterns can be incorporated into wallpaper, furniture upholstery, or even accessories like planters and coffee mugs! 
  • Vivid Colors — Typical “Memphis colors” are bright, even electric. Usually, a handful of colors are balanced against a white or black background, or a repeating black or white element. Look for colors like yellow, hot pink, aquamarine, acid green, purple, and cherry red.

Design Idea #1: Patterned Wallpaper

It’s impossible to separate the Memphis design style from the unique, colorful patterns that give the style its foundation. But unless you’re a professional artist, it’s also impossible to recreate Memphis patterns by hand. The solution? Patterned wallpaper, which can be customized and ordered online. 

Thanks to the recent popularity of the Memphis style, it’s easier than ever before to find patterns (and palettes) you love! If possible, try to obtain a smaller test sample before committing to an entire room’s worth of wallpaper.

Modern blue loveseat with orange throw pillows and customizable Memphis design inspired wallpaper and flooring.

Design Idea #2: Terrazzo Flooring

You’ve seen terrazzo flooring before, even if you didn’t know the name. Terrazzo features irregular fragments of glass, marble, and other materials, which are combined together and set with a smooth, polished glaze. Dynamic, playful, and a little bit chaotic, terrazzo tile makes the perfect aesthetic complement to any Memphis-style space. Highly customizable, terrazzo is available in a wide range of colors and pattern styles, adding even more character.

Design Idea #3: Plenty of Accessories

Your floors and walls aren’t the only spaces to experiment with Memphis design looks. Don’t forget to accessorize in any room of your home or apartment! With a quick online search, it’s easy to find Memphis-inspired decor and accessories for any room or purpose, including planters, coffee mugs, pillows, shower curtains, drapes, dinnerware, lampshades, storage bins, and even welcome mats.

A living room filled with Memphis design themed accessories to a large colorful area rug, blue carpet, and blue and gold chairs.

Explore Interior Styles and Trends with My Design Finder

Mad for Memphis? Discover more styles you love by exploring our design blog, checking out the beautiful custom galleries at My Design Finder, or consulting our friendly and knowledgeable team for ideas. We can help you reimagine and redesign any space to fit any style, from bathrooms and bedrooms to kitchens, basements, hallways, and more. 

Contact us online to get started, or visit one of our showrooms in-person to see how our products look and feel. We carry thousands of brand-name products, including premium luxury flooring, budget-conscious flooring, and environmentally-friendly flooring. And with over 500 retail locations nationwide, you’re never far from your favorite new look!

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